Apply for Officer Positions

Apply for Officer Positions

Wild Prairie HOG Officer Elections
November 11, 2021

What better way to give back to the Club that provides you so much enjoyment? Be part of the Board of Directors that decides what happens with the Chapter going forward. There are positions becoming available that will need to be filled January 1, 2022. Why can't that be you? The only requirements are that you are a current, paid National HOG and Local Chapter member and that you want to volunteer! Nominations need to be sent to BOTH Josh Bebeau at [email protected] AND Mark Willemssen at [email protected] and nominees must agree to serve, if elected.

Deadline for submitting nominations is October 31, 2021.

Positions to be filled:

  • Assistant Director
  • Treasurer
  • Activities
  • Head Road Captain

More information about the duties and responsibilities of these poisitons

If you have interest in being part of keeping this Chapter great, please speak to Mark Willemssen or any of the other current Officers for more information!

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