Safety Moment

With riding season here, think about preparing for one of the most important aspects of riding – YOU!

We receive great information from the dealership seminars about our bikes and riding gear, but let’s take a few moments to focus on the rider.  What have you done this year to prepare yourself to be your best for this riding season? 

Here are a few tips and things to think about that will make your riding season more enjoyable.

-          How often do you stretch before your ride?  By warming up your muscles, limbering up, and getting your heart rate up before your ride, you will help with that stiffness at the beginning of the day and improve your reaction time.

-          What are you doing to strengthen your CORE?  Turning and swerving to avoid hazards actually uses your core muscles the most.  Strengthening your core muscles will help prevent fatigue during your run - especially long ones.  We won’t even talk about if you ever have to pick up your bike.  For those of you who ride 3 wheels, what are you doing to get your upper body ready for all the push/pulling you’ll be doing? 

-          If you wear corrective glasses / goggles – when was your last eye exam?  Ask yourself these questions - even with corrective lenses on, do I have to squint to look at a map or GPS?  Can I read road signs in a timely fashion or do I have to cross three lanes of traffic to make my exit because I couldn’t read the sign until just now?

-          What about those of you who carry medication when you ride?  What are the expiration dates on those medications?  Many medications, especially epinephrine and insulin (which have a 6-month lifespan) , lose their potency faster  when exposed to low or high temperatures (before their expiration dates). 

-          Information for those of you who carry nitro glycerin tablets for heart conditions - once you open the seal of that little brown bottle, the pills are at full potency for only 30-60 days.  If you are using one of those pill carriers, be aware of the date you put those pills in there – you would hate to be out in the middle of the country, need your medication and it isn’t effective. 

-          Please think about and read the labels of the medications you take, even if you don’t carry them with you.  Do any of them make you dizzy?  Do any of them make you sun or heat sensitive? 

-          If you do have a medical condition, let someone you know and trust be aware, so they can have your back.  Our road captains go through extensive training to help us all be safe and they all use the upmost discretion.

These are all things that you need to be aware of before you hit the road this year.  You have to be at your best to make your run safe and fun.

Kevin Harty, Wild Prairie HOG Safety Officer

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