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Our Chapter’s mission statement is to “Ride and Have Fun.” Our Wild Prairie Road Captains are an integral aspect of our Chapter rides and have a continual focus on rider safety. To become a designated Wild Prairie Road Captain, you must complete:

  • 32 hours of new and skilled riders courses;
  • 16 hours of basic and advanced Accident Scene Management courses;
  • 4 hours of being observed by other Road Captains on at least one group ride;
  • 8 hours of Accident Management refresher course every other year.

Your Road Captains meet consistently to train and plan Chapter rides and events. Every scheduled ride has been pre-ridden by a Road Captain. During the pre-ride, they focus on road conditions, safety, planned stops, right and left turn issues, and route adjustments.

The Lead Road Captain will begin each ride with a pre-ride briefing and introduce the other Road Captains or Road Captains in training, aka Road Guides. If the group is very large, the Lead Road Captain may divide the ride into several smaller groups, each lead by a Road Captain.

Each group will have a Sweep Road Captain (last bike in a group). The Sweep Road Captain is responsible for identifying and reporting any problems in the group and coordinating/addressing breakdowns or accident scenes.

Please note we have a No Alcohol policy for our rides. See Group Riding page on this web site

Road Captains are volunteers and not compensated; they pay for their certification training. They do not accept financial tips but do appreciate a “thank you” at the end of a ride.

If you have any questions or suggestions pertaining to group rides, please feel free to talk to any Wild Prairie Road Captain. If you are interested in becoming a Road Captain, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jeff Reitan, Head Road Captain and Chapter Officer, is responsible for leading our Road Captain program.

Road Captains and Road Guides are:

Boyd Uppman

Dale Duerkson

Doug Todd

Jim Platten

Lee Alberts

Roger Curtis

Steve Thompson

Brad Skeel

Dale Roseen

Duane Meyer

Julie Kloos

Leonard Beavers

Ron Houle

Susan Stevens

Bruce Reno

Gigi Nielsen

Dave Nei

Karen Padilla

Matt Hardy

Sam Thorne

Tony Anderson

Chris Hawver

David Stevens

Jeff Reitan

Keith White

Phil Kloos

Sheri Cianciolo


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