Frequently Asked Questions

What are you about?

Wild Prairie HOG® Chapter #2423 is a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle riding club, dedicated to promoting responsible motorcycle riding and activities. Harley Owners Group® members within our Chapter conduct activities and events that are consistent with family-oriented values and are non-political and non-philosophical in nature. We believe in and encourage close relationships between the Harley-Davidson® riders, our sponsoring dealer, Wild Prairie Harley-Davidson, and the Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

We are all about riding and having fun… safely. We welcome everyone to join us.

Where and when do you meet?

We meet on the second Thursday of every month at Wild Prairie Harley Davidson (12480 Plaza Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55344). The meeting starts at 7:00 pm; come early at 6:30 and enjoy dinner with us. See Places to Be page

What is the cost to join?

Chapter dues are $24.00 annually.

How can I join the Chapter?

First, the membership requirements are simple. You MUST be a member of National HOG®. (Grab your credit card and your Harley’s VIN and call (800-CLUB-HOG).

Once you have a National HOG® number, complete the Wild Prairie Chapter application. Bring it to a Chapter meeting or give it to any of the sales team at Wild Prairie. Be sure to include the annual dues. See the How to Join page on our web site.

I’m already in a Chapter. Can I transfer to the Wild Prairie HOG® Chapter?

Absolutely! Once you are a National HOG member you may join as many local chapters as you like.

I am new to motorcycling. Why should I join this Chapter?

Our Chapter is all about ride and have fun... safely. Our Road Captains are trained and expert riders. We encourage new riders to ride near our Road Captains. We have a ‘No Alcohol policy for our ride’s, and our Chapter offers free coaching clinics on group riding. You will find we welcome everyone regardless of how long you have been riding. All you need to do is bring your passion to ride and have fun at our meetings, events, and rides.

Why do you care if I am a National HOG® member or not? Why can’t I just join the local Chapter?

National dues are used by National to offer training to the volunteer leaders of the local chapters. National HOG® also provides the local chapters with liability insurance provided we maintain compliance with the membership requirements. Simply put, if you are not a member of National HOG® . . . you are not a member of the Wild Prairie Chapter. If your National lapses, so does your local, and unless you sign an individual guest release form for each event you attend, you aren’t even a guest, but a trespasser!

What’s the deal with the sticker, and why won’t you mail it to me?

Instead of a separate membership card for both National and local, Wild Prairie HOG has chosen to place a sticker on what we've visually confirmed to be a valid National card. This is all part of our efforts to ensure that ALL local members are indeed current National members.

I moved here from out-of-state; can I join your chapter even though I didn’t buy my Harley from Wild Prairie H-D®?

If you are a member of National HOG® . . . yes, we want you to join Wild Prairie HOG®

Often I read or hear that an activity pays an MVP point. What is MVP?

MVP refers to Wild Prairie’s H-D’s Motorcycle Value Program. Belonging to BOTH Wild Prairie HOG® and MVP will maximize your point accumulation… earning your discounts on parts, accessories, and clothing. See for more information on the MVP program.

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